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Holiday Guide 2005

Time to light it up

The order of the articles in this year's Holiday Guide doesn't necessarily reflect the order in which you should heed them. For example: You might want to start with Frank De Blase's guide to new, souped-up Christmas CDs just to set the soundtrack and get the eggnog pumping through your veins. Then you could pick up our writers' wishlists and get the shopping out of the way early (especially for those chronically hard-to-buy-fors).

Next, plan some activities for the downtime (as if!) using Linda Kostin's fun-and-cheap family activities guide and the calendar of holiday-themed events. Only then should you turn to Jennifer Loviglio's thoughts on the All-Powerful Sawzall as the antidote to holiday cheer --- because that, if you choose it, is a bell you're going to have a hard time unringing.

Enjoy, friends. The holiday madness comes but once a year.

Check out the Holiday Guide here.

In This Guide...

  • Happy Sawzall-idays

    I felt it long before I ever saw it. Every day the house shook with a deep rumbling that made my ribs thud in my chest as workers tore off the back wall and roof for a kitchen bump-out.

  • Holiday fun --- it's a gas

    Sure the holidays mean spending time with the family. But you can still have fun, too.

  • Soundtrack for the slaughter

    If you're like me, you hear anything with sleigh bells prior to Christmas Eve and cringe. And jumping the gun before the pumpkins are done rotting isn't my only peeve.

  • Wishlist woes? Here, give 'em this.

    Only the heartiest among us can weather the holiday shopping season well. The barrage of catalogs, canned musical cheer, sale announcements, and store displays comes on so early and so hard that by the time you actually need presents, you're probably ready to saw off your own feet with a rusty cookie cutter rather than walk into a mall.

  • Holiday Calendar 2005

    On stage The Capitol Steps Sat, Dec 31.