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Building a better Rochester


Rochester's a city in transition, with changes taking place everywhere: in its population, its employment base, its neighborhoods, its politics, its downtown. But this is nothing new. Change is woven throughout the city's history, brought about by individuals – famous and not famous – who helped build it from its early days as a mill town. The future Rochester, whatever shape it takes, will be built by the people who live in it, including those living in it now.

In our 2019 Annual Manual, we highlight some lesser-known community builders of the past, in industry, in health care, in education, in human rights.

We also offer ways to get involved in community building: helping to strengthen the arts, patronizing retail businesses outside of the big names, discovering (and supporting) music venues and musicians beyond the ones most familiar to you.

And we take a look at some current examples of community builders: people who got together with neighbors to feed the poor, save their neighborhood school, and strengthen their small town's downtown area.

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