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ROCK | Sianvar


Guitarist Will Swan and his main band, post-hardcore whiz kids Dance Gavin Dance, are known for musical talent far beyond most bands in their genre. Sianvar is another Swan project, and you'll get a whole new set of vibes from this one. The band — Swan on guitar; Donovan Melero, vocals; Sergio Medina, guitar; Joseph Arrington, drums; and bassist Michael Franzino — takes the drifting melodies of bands like Circa Survive and Saosin and adds a whole extra level of musical technicality. Vocalist Donovan Melero is one talented singer as well, and it's easy to get sucked in and lost in how good this band sounds. With a killer voice up front and instrumental theatrics you won't soon find again, this band goes way beyond post-hardcore.

Sianvar performs Thursday, August 18, at Harmony House, 58 East Main Street. 6 p.m. $13.;