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ALBUM REVIEW: "Signal in the Static"


The Crawdiddies

"Signal in the Static"


The Crawdiddies is the type of band that transcends the limits of a descriptive chronology. Bluegrass, fiddle music, acoustic blues all get the vintage tag, which isn't entirely inaccurate. But how can you refer to it exclusively as a vintage strain? Hearts still get broken in the 21st century, don't they? People still wanna take a respite from the weight of this mortal coil and dance, don't they? And The Crawdiddies is the band for the job. Heather Taylor's tremulous contralto will arrest you as the band floats between its swift major and minor cadence with ease. The unique aspect that really grabs me is percussionist Washboard Dave as his fingers nimbly thimble over his abbreviated collection of pots and pans. All 12 cuts on this album are timeless sing-alongs — like "Peppermint Tea" — and really provide a contemporary lilt for fans out there that don't know they're fans yet. Signal in the Static should adequately right that wrong quick-like. Here's their chance.